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Lifting of No Wake Restriction for Rock River in Winnebago County

Winnebago County Sheriff's OfficeNews Media Release  News  Release Number                2013-024
 Information:  Lifting of No Wake Restriction For Rock River In Winnebago County
 Date:  07/11/13  Time:  1:00 PM       Page 1   of  1

  Narrative:A majority of the conditions which resulted in the implementation of the No Wake order on the Rock River in Winnebago County have subsided.  Sheriff Richard A. Meyers is announcing that the previously issued No Wake Zone has been lifted, and the Rock River north of the State Street Bridge is now open to normal recreational use.  The Rock River south of State Street to the Fordam Dam remains a restricted (closed) area due to the missing safety cable at the Fordam Dam which was damaged in the flooding.  This action was taken by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources when the damage was discovered. Users of the river are reminded to be observant and exercise caution as a lot of debris had been deposited in the river during the flooding that occurred in the past several weeks.  This debris may still be present and pose a hazard as it may be undetectable from the water surface.  For current river conditions, and any further updates, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (815) 319-6300, or the Rock River information telephone line at (815) 316-8888.  You may also visit the Sheriff’s Department’s website at

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