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Heroin Ring Arrests 12/31/08

Winnebago County Sheriff's PoliceNews Media Release News  Release Number2008- 057
Date: 12-31-08 Time:11:30a.m.  

 During the past several months Deputies of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department, Officers of the Rockford Police Department, and Agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives,and Agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration received information of a large scale heroin operation in the City of Rockford. A joint undercover investigation was initiated and culminated with arrests and warrants issued for members of the organization. Arrests took place starting at 8:00a.m. on Tuesday 12-30-08. The organization distributed large quantities of street level packets of heroin. The heroin was sold in ten dollar packets however larger amounts were also available for sale. The heroin was uniquely packaged in tin foil then placed in small plastic bags with various designs on the bags. Hundreds of bags were sold on a daily basis. The organization,alledged to be headed by Sammy Gordon, had runners working off cell phones, who would deliver the heroin to customers,through-out the city.  The organization also had a free heroin giveaway on Sunday mornings, at a west side housing development. In excess of 200 people would arrive to receive one packet of free heroin in appreciation for their purchasing heroin during the week from members of the organization. The giveaways were kept organized by members of the Gordon Organization with the threat of violence. Undercover purchases, surveillance, and other investigative methods were used to infiltrate the organization. The investigation was coordinated by both the U.S. Attorney’s Office and by Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato and his staff. State charges were authorized by State’s Attorney Bruscato and warrants were issued. All of the charged live in Rockford. All are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.The investigation of heroin sales is on-going.Photos will be provided. ARRESTED (IN CUSTODY) -1 Sammy R. Gordon (Male DOB 5-31-63/45 yrs old)    -Criminal Drug Conspiracy    - Violation of the Illinois Controlled Substance Act(2Ct’s delivery/heroin) Bond  $1,750,000.00Bond for all the below listed subjects is $500,000.00 -2 Robert Smith (Male DOB 6-14-70/38yrs old)     -Violation of the Illinois Controlled Substance Act (3Ct’s delivery of heroin)    - Criminal Drug Conspiracy -3 Paul Gipson (Male DOB 5-5-82/26yrs old)    -Violation of the Illinois Controlled Substance Act (delivery of heroin)    - Criminal Drug Conspiracy -4 Caprisha L. Sherman (female DOB 9-29-83/25yrs old)     -Violation of the Illinois Controlled Substance Act (delivery of heroin)     - Criminal Drug Conspiracy -5 Mercedes Colon (female DOB 8-2-87/21yrs old)     -Criminal Drug Conspiracy -6 David Chapman (male DOB 9-27-67/21yrs old) (note correct dob is 12-28-62/46yrs)    -Criminal Drug Conspiracy -7 Richard Taylor (male DOB 1-16-85/23yrs old)    -Violation of the Illinois Controlled Substance Act (delivery of heroin)    - Criminal Drug Conspiracy WANTED ON WARRANTS -8 Samuel Skinner (male DOB 1-21-83/25yrs old) -9 Jemal Sturkey (male DOB 8-31-69/39yrs old) -10 Curtis Hurt (male DOB 9-30-68/40yrs old) -11 Mario Lambert (male DOB 2-29-84/24yrs old) -12 Russell Lottie (male DOB 5-8-62/ 46yrs old)

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