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EMERGENCY Dial 9-1-1 | Non-Emergency outside the City of Rockford 815-282-2600 | Non-Emergency inside the City of Rockford 815-966-2900


Excellence:  Appearance, courtesy, tact, diplomacy, and reasonable judgment must be keynotes.  Our conduct will be above reproach.  Our duties will be performed efficiently and courteously.

Diversity:  We believe that our diversity is the strength that moves us towards excellence.  We recognize and appreciate the ethnic cultures in the department and the community.  We recognize the value and importance of individuals regardless of their race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or physical disability.

Respect:  We recognize the importance of each employee as an individual and team member.  We believe that cooperation among ourselves will enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills, and styles to achieve common goals.  We will be sensitive to the needs and concerns of our community.  We will show empathy and caring for victims, complainants, and all others with whom we come in contact.

Community Oriented:  To achieve success, this department must gain the confidence and respect of the citizens it serves.  We exist to serve the community.  All employees must bear in mind that in the execution of their duties they act not for themselves, but for the public.  Our resources are organized and delivered to meet the needs of the community, by reducing crime and the fear of crime, and improving the quality of life in all neighborhoods.

Integrity:  There must be absolute freedom from all social, racial, and political pressures, with equal justice under the law.  Employees must be aware that while it is our duty to carry out the law, it is also our duty to obey the law and at all times to conduct ourselves in a dignified and professional manner so as to bring credit to this department, our profession, and the community we serve.  We believe that integrity is the basis for personal and public trust.  We will not compromise ourselves or others.

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