911 Center

In October 2006, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office unveiled a new 911 Center, which is responsible for receiving all 911 calls, emergency and non-emergency calls outside the City of Rockford, and for dispatching all law enforcement agencies outside the City of Rockford.  The Winnebago County Sheriff's 911 Center notifies the proper Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for all fire calls and medical emergencies outside the City of Rockford.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the 911 Center includes Phase 2 wireless capabilities, which allows for locating cell phone callers within 30 meters if their phone is equipped with GPS technology. The Winnebago County Sheriff 911 Center and the Rockford 911 Center serve as backup centers to each other having redundant equipment.  In case either of the 911 Centers would need to evacuate their buildings, there are provisions in place at each of the 911 Centers to allow personnel to move to the other 911 Center and continue operations.  The two 9-1-1 Centers function on a joint network connecting the two centers.