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Missing person cases and wandering incidents are a major concern for law enforcement, especially as it relates to the alzheimer’s and autism communities. MedicAlert has specific programs in place to address wandering emergencies: MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® is for individuals with Alzheimer’s or related dementia, and MedicAlert Found® is for children and adults with autism spectrum and developmental disorders. Both MedicAlert programs work with the families of missing loved ones and local law enforcement (along with local support agencies, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, if available) to create a community network system that aims at quickly finding the missing individual, ensuring they receive medical care if needed, and reuniting them with family. MedicAlert’s services are aimed to aid law enforcement during the search for a missing community member. The information MedicAlert provides has been proven to save time, resources, and most importantly, it saves lives. MedicAlert also has the most robust national registry and database for individuals at risk for wandering and continues to serve as a trusted resource for storing individual’s personal information. (MedicAlert website)

According to information provided by MedicAlert, 6 out of 10 persons with Alzheimer's or dementia will wander/become lost and 50% of individuals with autism will leave/run off and are often attracted to water and traffic.  Children with autism under the age of 10, 42% of wandering outcomes will result in death. (National Autism Association)  If wandering residents are not located within 24 hours, 61% of those are found deceased.

Winnebago County Sheriff's Office has partnered with the MedicAlert Foundation in it's LEAP program.  This program will help get at risk community members registered with either MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® or MedicAlert Found® and receive a free MedicAlert identification bracelet or pendant.

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