The Corrections Bureau is managed by the Jail Superintendent.   Civilian employees with the rank of Corrections Captain manage the two divisions within the corrections bureau; Operations and Administration.
Corrections Volunteer Services
The Volunteer Program at the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department strives to change the lives of offenders with programs that provide social, spiritual, and educational tools needed to help persons return successfully to mainstream society. Numerous volunteers from community organizations such as Lifescape and the Winnebago County Health Department facilitate classes for inmates at jail.  Group topics include: Men’s and Women’s Focus groups, Setting and Reaching goals, Health Education, Managing Stress, Job Coaching, Parenting Skills and Positive Thinking. 

Corrections Alternative Program
In addition to building and operating the new Criminal Justice Center, funds generated by the one-cent Public Safety Tax Referendum were committed to providing new or expanded programs to persons involved in the criminal justice system. These programs serve to  address the varying needs of the inmate population with the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism rates.

In December 2007, approximately $2.2 million dollars was awarded to 16 community-based adult and juvenile program service providers to provide new and expanded programs and services for at-risk adults and juveniles. Programs offered in the jail include GED, Substance Abuse, Literacy, Anger Management and Mental Health Services. Programs offered outside the jail for adults include job training, transitional living for men and women and services for the homeless. Juvenile programs include job readiness, after school programs and tutoring. 

Food Services
Aramark Corporation provides meals for jail inmates and staff and continually reviews menu options to ensure the best quality and selection of food items.

Aramark operates the Operation Excellence Program (OPX) to ensure smoother operation in the food preparation stages, while at the same time allowing a more accurate and efficient portion control. The OPX program also improves the inventory of food products with the assurance that meal substitutions are limited due to lack of product.

In addition, the Serv-Safe certification program offers inmate workers the ability to earn a sanitation and food preparation certificate through video instruction and on-the-job training. Once certified, inmates can use this training to assist in obtaining employment in the food and restaurant industry after their release. 

Medical Services
The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford provides around-the-clock medical care to persons incarcerated in the Winnebago County Jail.  Coverage includes medical, dental, mental health and pharmaceutical needs. 

Corrections Training & Personnel
The Corrections Training & Personnel department tests and hires applicants for the Corrections Division, including Corrections Officers and Instructors. 

Court Services
The Court Services department provides transportation from the jail to the Winnebago County Courthouse for bond hearings, status hearings and trials. Security measures during these transports are a top priority in the day-to-day operation of the Winnebago County Corrections Bureau. 

Winnebago County Health Department
The Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) conducts Infectious Disease Clinics in the jail, including screenings and medication for sexually transmitted diseases (STD). 

Crusader Clinic
Crusader Clinic’s Living HIV Program was established in 1990 to deliver early and on-going outpatient HIV Health Services. The Program is now the largest comprehensive on-site provider of medical care and support to HIV-infected individuals in Northwest Illinois. Care is provided throughout the course of illness regardless of health care coverage or ability to pay.

Crusader Clinic brings its outreach programs and staff to the inmates at the Winnebago County jail. Program participation by the inmates is kept confidential. Crusader Clinic staff offer free HIV testing and provide counseling for inmates infected with HIV or with family members that are infected. Many clients were tested using the OraQuick Advance Method, which yields results in 20 minutes and does not require a blood sample.

Clinic staff provides education on healthier lifestyle choices, practicing safe sex and the dangers of intravenous drug use. Once an inmate is released from custody, they are linked with Crusader Clinic’s community-based services such as with nutritional support, mental health counseling by clinical social workers and psychiatrists, access to dental care assistance with transportation, housing, utility payments, medical evaluations, optical services and pharmaceutical needs.