Other Administrative Departments

Fiscal Services
The Fiscal Services Director is responsible for fiscal analysis, to include the preparation, maintenance, and verification of the Sheriff's Office annual budget. In addition, Fiscal Services processes and maintains all forms and records pertaining to personnel and payroll. The fiscal Services Director maintains all fiscal accountability for budget transactions, to include the purchasing of the department's supplies and services.

The Fiscal Services Section is responsible for all accounts payable and must carefully monitor all expenditures presented for payment out of the budget. The Fiscal Services Director works with the County Administrator and County Board in the processing of budget amendments and financial reports. The Fiscal Services Section is also tasked with preparing monthly financial reports and personnel reports, to include staffing levels, vacancies and number of positions filled.

Training & Personnel
The Training Section is responsible for providing continuous and relevant training for members of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.  This training is dedicated to the improvement in professionalism and personal qualities of department employees as well as the department itself. Through proper training, department members will be better prepared in varying situations where decisive and correct action is needed. This is accomplished through participation in various training programs, which will prepare department members for future assignments and advancement within the department. By providing relevant training, the quality of department members is enhanced, thereby enhanced quality of service to the citizens of Winnebago County.

Members of the department are required to attend annual training to include Ethics and Code of conduct, Hazmat awareness, use of force training and numerous refresher training on department policies and procedures. In addition to this, officers are allowed to request schools that are relevant to their assigned duties.  The schools are offered by serveral different organizations throughout the nation as well as several local organizations including the Northern Illinois Training Advisory Board (NITAB).

The personnel section is responsible for maintaining employee records and the coordination of recruitment and selection of all sworn personnel.  All attempts are made to seek, develop and employ the most qualified individuals suited for the position of Deputy Sheriff.  It is the policy of the Sheriff's Office to prohibit employment discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, handicap or veteran status. We also provide an expectation and an avenue for all department personnel to assist in the recruitment process and to encourage their active participation in seeking qualified applicants. Despite limitations on hiring applicants due to budget cuts, our recruitment efforts have continued to maintain a presence at job fairs and colleges in our area. We will continue to attend various job fairs and schools with an emphasis on minority groups in an effort to build a wider base of potential canditates.

Information Services
Information Services is responsible for department wide hardware installations, configuration and maintenance on the computer system to include statistical production, analyzing and recommending automation within the agency.  Additionally, the Director is the agency's manager of PIMS and ALERTS and is the LEADS administrator.

The internal department web site was expanded giving employees quick access to more frequently needed information.  One of the main items on this web site is current policy and procedure manuals for department wide operations as well as department memorandums. Other items included on this site are emergency plans, phone listings, high risk aerial maps, reporting codes, court dates, Secretary of State information, and instruction manuals for all printers and digital cameras.

After the creation of the program for racial profiling, this system and the “Spot Check” program were integrated into what is now known as Citations Arrest Warrants Protective Orders Sex Offenders (CAPS).  All other agencies within the county are given access to this program, which has proven to be an excellent tool in sharing resources and information.  This program has also been demonstrated for many other agencies within the state, and is quite possibly the first of its kind  to be used by any law enforcement agency in the nation.