Machesney Park Division

The Village of Machesney Park has contracted its police services to the Winnebago County Sheriff's Police since 1981. The Machesney Park Police Division is comprised of two detectives and twenty patrol officers.

The deputies assigned to the Village perform all the duties that the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office deputies perform, as well as enforcing Village ordinances.

On a daily basis patrol deputies are assigned to assist school crossing guards at the Village's grade schools. This initiative is very popular and helps reduce the speed of vehicular traffic and assures the safety of the school age children. In addition to the grade schools, a patrol deputy assists in the morning in the Harlem High School parking lot and does a "walk through" during the lunch periods.

There are a few issues that residents should be aware of.  Most car burglaries occur to unlocked vehicles.  By simply removing noticeable property from sight and locking your car doors, you will greatly reduce your chances of this happening.

The probability of residential burglaries can be reduced by keeping exterior and interior lights on in your home.  With no lights on, it is very apparent that there is nobody home, especially during the early evening hours. 

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