Domestic Violence Unit

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police Domestic Violence Unit is staffed by a full-time Deputy. The primary function of this unit is to protect the rights of victims of domestic violence. This unit also helps victims through what sometimes can be a lengthy and emotionally trying court process and provide support resources to those victims that may need it.  Several seminars and training are attended annually to stay current with changing laws in the domestic violence field.

The unit works closely with the State’s Attorney’s office to ensure prosecution in Domestic Violence cases. In addition to this, it acts as a liaison between prosecutors and victims when needed. The unit also continually conducts follow-up investigations on Domestic Violence cases for this agency as well as several other agencies within Winnebago County.

Useful telephone numbers for assistance:

Remedies Domestic Violence Shelter (formally WAVE)

Domestic Violence Assistance Center
400 W. State Street, Rockford

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