Victim Information

Are you or someone you know a victim of:

Stalking?Dating Abuse?Domestic Violence?

No Contact Orders

There are three types of restraining orders; Stalking No Contact Order, Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order and Domestic Violence Order of Protection. View the Illinois Law Can Protect You from Stalking Brochure for an explanation of each.

To file for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection go to:

The Domestic Violence Assistance Center
400 W. State Street
Rockford, IL

For more information on filing for a No Contact Order visit:

Automatic Victim Notification

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office provides Automatic Victim Notification (AVN) to crime victims and concerned citizens.

A 24-hour-a day service, AVN calls a victim’s telephone automatically when a subject is released from the Winnebago Count Jail, or victims may use it to find out if a person is still in the custody of the Winnebago County Jail.  

AVN provides victims and concerned citizens a toll-free number (866-566-8439) where they can call and get up to date information on the custody of an offender. AVN operates through an interface with the Winnebago County Jail's Booking Information System. Click here to visit the VINELink website, where victims can search or register for any updates to an offender's custody status.

Callers may choose to register for automatic notification through the Illinois AVN. Registered persons will receive notification of any change in and inmates status. Callers select the phone number(s) where they wish to be notified and a PIN number to be used to confirm you received the notification
Information Card
Click on the links below for a printable card which can be used to record the information about inmates and their PIN number.

More About AVN
Illinois State Attorney General Lisa Madigan also publishes a brochure on the AVN; click one of the links below to view a PDF of this document.