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EMERGENCY Dial 9-1-1 | Non-Emergency outside the City of Rockford 815-282-2600 | Non-Emergency inside the City of Rockford 815-966-2900

Emergency Sirens

Siren Tones-See the links below to hear a sample of each
  • Attack This is a tone that rises for 6 seconds and falls for 6 seconds, over a three minute timeframe.  When this tone is sounded, it means that there is an attack and you should immediately tune to radio or television broadcasts for information.

  • Evacuation This is a tone that rises for 16 seconds and falls for 8 seconds, over a half minute timeframe.  When this tone is sounded, it means that there is a threatening condition present, such as a chemical spill or leak, and you should immediately evacuate the area.

  • Weather Alert  This is a continuous steady tone that will last for 3-5 minutes when deployed. When this tone is sounded, it means that life threatening weather in the form of a tornado has been detected by the National Weather Service on Doppler radar, or a sighting of a tornado or funnel cloud has been made by a trained weather spotter.


  Emergency Warning Components in Winnebago County

The following are all of the available components that make up the warning system in Winnebago County:  

    • Outdoor warning sirens (OUTDOOR ONLY)
    • Weather radios (Mainly indoors, but can also be portable)
    • Television and Radio (Indoors and in vehicles)
    • Reverse Emergency Notification (Indoors. Cell phones and VOIP phones can be added to the call list here .)
    • Cell phone notification (Available from almost every news station and various internet locations.  Works anywhere your cell phone works.  May be charged text messaging fees.)
    • Computer alerts (Available through some of the same places mentioned for cell phone notification.)

  When all of these components are included, we have a very comprehensive emergency warning system.


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