Sustained Traffic Enforcement Grant

Winnebago County Sheriff's OfficeNews Media Release News  Release Number                2010-047
 Information:  Sustained Traffic Enforcement Grant
 Date:  12/07/10 Time:  9:00 AM      Page 1   of  1

 Narrative: On October 1st, 2010, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office received approval and $42,442.00 in funding from the Illinois Department of Transportation to implement a Sustained Traffic Enforcement Grant (STEP) program. This grant will provide funds to pay overtime and associated costs for additional officers to increase the enforcement of impaired driving laws, as well as occupant restraint violations.  The grant will provide a total of 844 hours of additional intensive patrols. The 844 hours are divided up into 8 campaigns over the next 10 months. Each campaign is 2 weeks in length.  The purpose of the STEP Grant is to reduce the incidence of motor vehicle crashes, and the resulting injuries and fatalities, through increased highly visible enforcement of occupant restraint, impaired driving, speed, pedestrian safety and motorcycle licensing and registration laws.  The first two week enforcement period was just completed (November 12th through November 28th, 2010), attached to this release are the results of the enforcement activity, also included is the activity of the normal patrol units during the same two week period.    

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