Corrections / Jail

Where do I get an application for employment with the Corrections division?
Select the Apply for Employment link at the right.

What number do I call to find out if someone is in custody?

What number do I call to find out what an inmate's next court date is?
815-319-6600 or 815-319-4500

What is the number to Bond Out?

What is the number for Corrections Administration?

What is the address to send inmate mail and do I need their inmate number?
No inmate number is needed, but is helpful in directing mail to inmate.

You can send mail to:

Inmate's Name and MID Number
Winnebago County Jail
650 West State Street
Rockford, IL 61102

How do I put money on an inmate’s commissary account?
There are now several ways to put money on an inmate's commissary account. There are two kiosks located in the front entrance of the Winnebago County Justice Center where funds can be deposited.  Deposits can also be made by calling Governmental Payment Services (1-888-277-2535) or by going online to

What is the phone number for the jail chaplain?

How do inmate visits work?
Inmates are allowed one visit per week, Sunday through Saturday. Visits must be pre-scheduled by the inmate.

How do I get the property of someone being sent to the Department of Corrections (DOC)?
Inmates being sent to DOC will be given the opportunity to fill out a postcard designating someone to pick up their property.  Postcards will be sent out the day inmates are sent to DOC.  Designees have 15 days to retrieve the property. 

What is the name and telephone number of the inmate phone company?
The company’s name is Legacy Communications. To open a new account, call 1-888-729-4326 or online at

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