Emergency Sirens

 Emergency Warning Components in Winnebago County

The following are all of the available components that make up the warning system in Winnebago County:  

  • Outdoor warning sirens (OUTDOOR ONLY)
  • Weather radios (Mainly indoors, but can also be portable)
  • Television and Radio (Indoors and in vehicles)
  • Reverse Emergency Notification (Indoors. Cell phones and VOIP phones can be added to the call list here .)
  • Cell phone notification (Available from almost every news station and various internet locations.  Works anywhere your cell phone works.  May be charged text messaging fees.)
  • Computer alerts (Available through some of the same places mentioned for cell phone notification.)

When all of these components are included, we have a very comprehensive emergency warning system.

Siren Tones-See the links below to hear a sample of each