Inmate Transfer To IDOC

Inmate Transfer To IDOC

Inmate Transfer to Illinois Department of Corrections

All male inmates are transferred to Stateville Correctional Center until they are assigned to another state correctional facility.

All female inmates are transferred to Logan Correctional Center.

Inmate Property

Inmates being sent to IDOC will be given the opportunity to fill out a postcard designating someone to pick up their property. Postcards will be sent out the day the inmate is sent to IDOC. Designees will have 30 days to retrieve the property and will need to bring the postcard and a photo I.D. to the Bond Out office in order to claim the property.

Commissary Account

The funds left on the inmate's commissary and phone accounts are transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections within seven days of their departure. However, inmates may not receive their funds until after they reach their assigned correctional facility.