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Information: Police Shooting Update


Date: March 28,2014

Time: 5:15P.M.

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Further follow-up investigation by Winnebago County Sheriff’s Detectives has clarified several facts concerning the Officer Involved shooting that took place on March 26, 2014.


The correct spelling the suspect’s last name is Dominguez not Dominquez as noted in the earlier releases. He is also known as Anthony Dominguez-Cano and Luis Gomez.


The correct date of birth for Dominguez is April 29,1992 not May 31,1992 as noted in the earlier releases.


Dominguez is not from Lake Havasu City Arizona. He is from Phoenix.


The charge of Unlawful Use of a weapon by a felon has been removed. Dominguez is not a convicted felon.


The warrant has been amended to reflect the following charges:


-Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a street gang member.


-No FOID card.


-Attempt Murder.


The warrant will be served when Dominguez is released from the hospital.


The investigation into Dominguez’ background and the attempt to locate Matthew Lawrence is on-going.


Anyone with information on Lawrence is urged to call Law Enforcement.


The charges against Dominguez are merely accusations. He is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.




















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