The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police SWAT Team is comprised of 20 officers and three civilian medical personnel. The SWAT Team is a part-time team, with all personnel having other assigned duties such as Patrol, Investigations, etc. The team is mandated to train at least eight hours per month and utilizes highly specialized equipment and tactics to conduct high-risk search and arrest warrants and to resolve situations beyond regular patrol officer capabilities.

The SWAT unit also has a Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) team attached to it. This team is comprised of an emergency medicine physician and two paramedics. The TEMS team accompanies the SWAT team on all missions to provide immediate care within a hostile environment where regular EMS would not go.swat-rapelling

Several officers on the SWAT team are certified instructors for both Basic and Advanced SWAT. The SWAT team hosts four basic classes and two advanced classes each calendar year. SWAT officers throughout Illinois have attended the SWAT class offered by Winnebago County through the Mobile Training Unit.  Winnebago County is the only team in the area to have written its own basic and advanced course, both of which have achieved state certification by Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.