Sheriff's Office Weather Related Activity

Winnebago County Sheriff's OfficeNews Media Release News  Release Number                2011-006
 Information: Sheriff’s Office Weather Related Activity
 Date:  02/02/11 Time:  3:00 PM      Page 1   of  1

 Narrative: The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office has been working with State, County, and Township road crews, municipal police agencies, and rural fire departments since yesterday afternoon to address weather related issues and roadway conditions.  Since 5:00 PM on Tuesday through 1:00 PM today, the Sheriff’s 911 Communications Center have handled calls to assist 307 motorists outside of the City of Rockford.  Within these motorist assists, 66 vehicles have been left in or on the roadways and 40 occupants have been assisted via our snowmobile patrols.  5 of these occupants were transported to a shelter location.  Sheriff’s Deputies are now working to remove vehicles that have been left in the right of way so that plows can begin the task of clearing roadways to make them passable.  As we continue this process if we cannot make contact with the owners to arrange removal, they will be towed. The Sheriff’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) remains staffed with Sheriff’s Command personnel and Winnebago County Highway representatives to coordinate operational responses to this blizzard. Thus far, there have been no serious incidents involving serious injuries or deaths to anyone, and no major traffic crashes during this storm.  

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