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Winnebago County Sheriff's Police

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Information: Spotting of Black Bear


Date: June 7,2014

Time: 9:56a.m.

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On Saturday June 7, 2014 Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to 2146 Geddes Rd. in reference to a Black Bear being spotted in the yard.


Upon arrival deputies spoke to the home owner who advised that she had spotted a bear in her front yard this morning eating berries from a bush.


The bear became startled and ran east into a wooded area.


Deputies checked the yard and found a paw print on the garage door of the residence approximately six feet up from ground level. A bird feeder in the yard was knocked over.


Further investigation revealed that a neighbor had spotted the bear in the neighborhood last evening.


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources was contacted and advised that they had sightings of a black bear in Freeport and Stockton in the past couple of days.


Winnebago County Animal Control Officers have been advised.


The public is reminded that if the bear is spotted not to approach it and contact the Sheriff’s Department with the location.


A reverse phone call alert was issued for residents for the area around Geddes Road.


The resident who spotted the bear took a cell phone photo and it is attached to this release.


Sheriff’s Department personnel are working with Animal Control and other experts on a plan to tranquilize the bear if located and needed and other contingencies.






















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