In standing behind our mission statement, members of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office must possess high-quality values.  These values directly shape the department and the behavior of our members.

Willing - We strive to provide a high level of performance by choice without reluctance.

Caring - We will be sensitive to the needs and concerns of our community.  We will show empathy and caring for victims, complainants, and all others with whom we come in contact.


Oriented - To achieve success, this department must gain the confidence and respect of the citizens it serves.  We exist to serve the community.  All members must bear in mind that in the execution of their duties they act not for themselves, but for the public.  Our resources are organized and delivered to meet the needs of the community, by reducing crime and the fear of crime, and improving the quality of life in all neighborhoods.


We will be effective in our efforts of protecting lives, property and ensuring peace with integrity and professionalism. With highly qualified and well trained staff, we will apprehend criminals and maintain a safe and secure correctional facility. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to public safety and it’s accountability in times of disaster to the citizens we serve.